Golf Diary

The Round: Played at Rittswood Score 85 Greens In Reg 4 Putts 35

The Good: This is easy, nothing. I hopefully figured out something at the end of the day.

The Bad: Had basically bad driving although did a little better on the back nine. The greens in regulation speaks for itself as far as iron play goes. 35 putts are way too many when you only hit 4 greens. The short game was also bad. The weather was not great with drizzle and cool temperatures.

Luck Of The Round: On the greens I missed putts in every way possible. Hit the pin and went out, lipped out, burnt the edge, left some short in the jaws and misread a ton. I had no luck at all today to compound a poor ball striking day in general.

Next Round: Tomorrow South Hills Country Club. Will be starting over tomorrow. Whew.

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