Pirates Morning Report: Where Have All The Hitters Gone

Final Score: Pirates 1 Blue Jays 10

Why The Pirates Lost: Just a continuation of a slump that just keeps on ticking. The Pirates for the 7th consecutive game failed to get more than 2 runs. They did leave 10 men on base as they got 8 hits with 3 walks. As bad as the hitting is, the pitching is worse. Chase De Jong was in the broadcast booth during a spring training game saying he would like to do this for a living. His broadcast career should start tomorrow, because he sure can’t pitch. He has a nice ERA of 10.61. The top of the 9th looked like batting practice for the Blue Jays. Contreras had a bad outing giving up 5 runs in 5 innings on 9 hits and 3 walks. This will end sometime. Let’s hope it is before June 1.

Key Moment Of The Game: In the top of third with one out Matt Chapman singled to left field. Brandon(I Have Been Reincarnated As Lou Gehrig For The Weekend) Belt took an 0-2 fastball and laced into centerfield for a hit. Whit Merrifield then took a 1-2 curveball, that was grooved right in the middle of the plate, into the leftfield seats to make the score 4-0, and you knew that the 7th straight loss was a lead pipe cinch, even without Chase De Jong coming into the game.

Next Game: Tonight, Rockies in Pittsburgh. Will the Pirates score at least 3 runs tonight. I think that is more important than winning the game. In the 7 losses the Pirates have score 9 runs. They have score 2 runs in 3 games, 1 run in 3 games and have been shutout once. When the Pirates were going good in one of the pre-game openings, John Wehner said the Pirates have no weaknesses. I think we found one John old buddy. You hope the Rockies will be just what the doctor ordered. The Pirates are 20-15. They got there a little differently than I thought they would, but this is just about how good I thought this team would be. Let’s hope they show it before it is too late.

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