Pirates Morning Report: DUJ IN Mid-Season Form

Final Score: Pirates 3 Orioles 6

Why The Pirates Loss: Dwayne Underwood Junior, yes, I wrote it out in its entirety, because he deserves it, had a sterling performance last night. He came in the game with one out, a runner on second and the score tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 7th. When the 8th inning was over the score was 6-2 as he gave up the hit that took the lead and then a 3 run homer to give the Orioles their 6 runs. Dwayne now has a sparkling ERA of 5.40. For a while, I thought I was wrong about DUJ, like I am wrong, so far at least, about Velasquez, but I guess not. I wrote last year, that if DUJ was still on the team this year, the Pirates were not serious about winning. He did have some good moments, but now he is back to normal and getting whacked at will by opposing batters. DFA or IL, hopefully, not too far off in the future. The Pirate’s attack was as anemic as ever, although they did make things a little interesting in the 9th. They did score 3 runs for the second consecutive game, managing 7 hit to go along with 2 walks but struck out 12 times. Johan Oviedo pitched 5 plus innings only giving up 1 run but walked 5, giving up 4 hits. A somewhat better performance but not like he was doing early in the season. Just like the Pirates, as they now fall to 21-18.

Key Moment Of The Game: Allowing DUJ to come out for the 8th inning. Maybe the Pirates thought that he would stink and better to know in May than in August. There were certainly better pitching options in a tight game. I kind of doubt that this will be his last appearance as a Pirate, but we can only hope. Yes, he is misunderstood Underwood. What’s misunderstood is that he can pitch.

Next Game: Tonight, Orioles in Baltimore. Roansy Contreras will get the start and he has not been super sharp lately, giving up 9 runs in a little over 10 innings, with 7 walks. This was not the Contreras we saw last year. The Pirates need him to get back on track and the bats to do something for God’s sake. Will tonight be the night?

2 Replies to “Pirates Morning Report: DUJ IN Mid-Season Form”

    1. It is a long season, and the Pirates are on a downturn right now. Underwood has stunk from day one but people(not me) keep saying he has good stuff. He sure does hide it well. It is the bats that have to snap out of it. Oneil Cruz was a huge loss that I am beginning to think they might not be able to overcome.


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