Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 77 Greens In Reg. 8 Putts 31

The Good: This was one of those rounds where nothing was good but nothing was all that bad. Still drove the ball well and the iron game was up and down.

The Bad: The weather. It was wet and rainy with rain on about 5 of the holes. Because of the wet greens the putting was just off enough to keep me from shooting a better score. The round was dull with 13 pars and 5 bogies. This round was from the white tees and the course played longer with the wet conditions. The ten greens I missed I was able to get it up and down 5 times. This round was dictated by the conditions, and I admit I just seemed out of sync but compared to some of my rounds, this round was ok.

The Luck Of The Round: Because of the wet conditions the lies in the rough were not that good, especially when compared to the lies I had earlier this week. Other than that luck was not a big part of this round.

Next Round: Beaver Valley Golf Course.

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