Pirates Morning Report: When Things Are Going Bad They Really Go Bad

Final Score: Pirates 0 Orioles 2

Why The Pirates Loss: The punchless wonders could only get 3 hits and 2 walks. They only had 3 at bats with runners in scoring position and of course they were 0 for 3. Roansy Contreras pitched a solid 7 innings giving up 2 home runs that barely left the park. The Orioles only had 1 at bat with runners in scoring position. It was a nice rebound performance by Contreras, but it was simply not enough, when you pitch for the no run Pirates. The only good thing you could say about this game is that for the 2nd game in a row the Pirates did not make an error. According to Joe Block the Pirates have not scored this few of runs over a 12 game stretch for 115 years. He must have been waiting for that stat because he said it before the Orioles even began celebrating. The Pirates fell to 21-19 with no end in sight. All you can say about this streak is it has been, for the most part against the better teams in baseball, namely the American League East.

Key Moment Of The Game: With 2 out in the top the 7th, with Taylor Wells cruising along on a 1 hit shutout, the Pirates were able to draw back-to-back walks. This brought Miguel( I Can’t Believe That I Am In The Major Leagues) Andujar to the plate with his .165 batting average. On a 2-1 pitch he unbelievably hit a ball deep to right field that Anthony Santander stumbled and bumbled his way to the wall, leaped up, and caught the ball right in the webbing of his glove. As bad as the Pirates are, a play like that, and you know that when things are going bad, they really go bad. For the Pirates, they just have to keep their head down and keep plowing away.

Next Game: This Afternoon, Orioles in Baltimore. I wrote when they embarked on this road trip that if they went 2-3 it would be miraculous. So far, there have not been any water into wine moments. Mitch Keller takes the mound for the Pirates after his excellent complete game shutout, the only game the Pirates have won in the last 12. Everything has to come to an end as they say, but you have wonder if this hitting slump ever will. Maybe 2024.

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