Golf Diary

The Round: Played Cedarbrook Red Score 85 Greens in Reg. 7 Putts 39

The Good: My driving, that was about it. The Irons were ok. The weather was beautiful so I can’t even use that as an excuse.

The Bad: Obviously putting with an atrocious 39 putts. My putting has been very good to mind blowing but not today. I really could not get the speed down and I yipped more today than in a long time. I had 4 three putt greens and only 1 one putt. I really did not play all that well, but even if I putt a little bit, I am going to break 80, which I did not come close to. I started to mess around with an idea about putting and it really mess up the entire process. Why are golfers never satisfied? My short game was bad too, particularly my pitching from about 50 to 85 yards. The chipping was not too bad but even that was erratic and painful. The last 2 days have been painful, but we are finishing up a 4 day stretch of playing with a day off on Wednesday.

The Luck Of The Round: I putted so bad that I can’t even say I had any bad luck on the greens. Luck was no factor on this pathetic round. The bar is calling, and I am taking my funnel. I am walking to the bar so there is not limit tonight.

Next Round: Tomorrow South Park.

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