Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 76 Greens In Reg. 8 Putts 30

The Good: Drove the ball well again and the iron play although had its ups and downs again was improving. The putting was better but not great. Another ho-hum round with 4 bogies and no birdies. I have gone through stretches like this before, where I just do not make birdies. The irons and the putting are just not sharp enough to take advantage of some holes. Missed 10 greens and was able to get it up and down 6 times.

The Bad: The rough was high compared to last week at the Park and that did make a difference. It was very penal, and you could hit no more than a 7 iron out of the rough at times. The iron game was not crisp as I did not really have many good looks at birds. The bogies were caused by bad iron shots on the front nine and on the back it was another bad iron and a bad drive that led to the other 2.

The Luck Of The Round: One spectacular putt on 9, after a fluffed chip shot, of some 50 feet that went in to save par was definitely lucky. You could say the luck was bad, that the round was horribly slow. Did not have the best lies in the rough.

Next Round: Saturday, South Park.

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