The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

The weather continues to be ungolf like, but I was able to walk 9 holes yesterday under sunny skies and temps in the mid 40’s, but with enough of a breeze to make it feel in the 30’s. You can tell that Pittsburgher’s are getting itchy, because when I finished up, there was someone on every hole with a wait on the first tee at around 3:45pm. I ususally do not go into a round shot by shot because I find this somewhat boring, but it was interesting how this round evolved. The opening hole at Mt. Lebanon is a par 3, and with the wind crossing and the temp being what is was, I decided to hit a 5 iron where I wound normally it 7. Even though I thinned it a little bit, it was hit well enough to get to the front part of the green. I proceeded to 3 putt.On the next hole a difficutl par 4, I hit 2 mediocre shots, and a poor pitch and 2 putted from about 30 feet for bogey number 2. On the next hole a shorter easier par 4, I really butchered 2 shots and had a difficult little pitch to a short sided pin. I hit a pretty good shot, which I thought would turn out better than about 10 feet past the pin. By now, with the wind and the cold, my mood was quickly deteriorating very fast. Low and behold I made the 10 footer for par. The next hole a short par 5, I hit  2 good shots, and was only 30 yards short of the green. My pitch was poor but I managed to 2 putt for another par. The next 3 holes were routine pars, good drives, on the green, and 2 putts.  The eighth hole is solid par 4, that today was directly into the wind. I pull hooked my drive along the left tree line, but I was fortunate to have clear shot to the green, I hit a hybrid with just a little to much hook on it, just short and left of the green, which left me below the green to a short sided pin. I hit a beautiful pitch just on the front edge and stopped only 5 feet from the hole. I made the putt. The last hole is short par 4 which in the summer is drivable but not today. I hit a pretty good drive, but the wind pushed it a little left, where it hit some limbs and dropped further to the left. Again I had an opening and hit a 50 yard bump and run on the right side of the green, and 2 putted for the par. After the opening 2 bogeys, I then made 7 straight pars. What this all means, I am not too sure. Here is  food for thought. If I had not made that 10 foot par save, would  I have made the next 6 pars in a row. Or would that have  sent the round into a further tailspin and the bogey train would have continued for another 2 or three holes. Before I made that 10 footer, I was not thinking that this 9 holes was going to end up only 2 over par. I think we all have had this experience where a round does not start out all that well, but then we turn it around and shoot a fairly decent number.  The opposite will happen when we come out of the gates flying, only to come to a screeching hault by a string of bogeys, or a really bad hole. Since the weather is not going to get any better around here any time soon, I will have plenty of time to think about this one.  

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  1. I would suggest that you may be correct about the 10 foot putt. Quite frequently I find that one shot changes the nature of my round; for the good or bad. I wonder if this a mental challenge….



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