The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

The last day of March, thank God. Last year at this time I had played 8 rounds of golf and numerous 9 hole rounds. This year with yesterday’s round I have played 2. Yes, it was a balmy 53 degrees yesterday, and in the afternoon I made it out to Indian Run. After playing fairly well for most of the day, I stumbled home with a bogey and double bogey, but still managed to shoot 77. For the early season I continued to drive the ball well and the putting was very good. At the end, indescision and loosing my tempo caused my final 2 hole collapse.  The weather is going to turn nasty again for a couple of days but then it looks like toward to the end of the week, the season may get into full swing. A slow week on the circuit as the “big” golf story is “Dufnering”. That could be our last image of good old Jason if his game doesn’t start impoving. It will be interesting to see if all the imitators ever win another golf tournament. We could call it the Dufnering Jinx. One thing for sure he looks relaxed but what the hell do you think he’s concentrating on. Maybe this could be his new position to read putts. Of course he would have to lean against his caddy.  Would his caddy get on all fours or would Jason just lean against the back of his legs. Is that against the rules?  I could see it now the Dufner rule. I wonder if  he will Dufnering  while waiting between shots. Will someone  invent the Dufnering toilet. Well let’s hope we get back to more golf oriented stories, like Tiger’s new girl friend finding him in bed with another women. Hey, maybe both of them will be in the Dufner position. What a picture that would be. Maybe I am looking for the answer in the wrong place. See you next week.  

3 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. I saw the Dufnering and reblogged it. It was very funny! If he does not recover, it will be a curse for sure. 77 with a bogey double bogey finish early in the season. Well done! What specifically are you focusing on: your short game, the range, mid irons…? Any hint would be appreciated.



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