The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Well, you could say that the season got into full swing this week as I got in 3and 1/2 rounds of golf this week.  One of the rounds was probably ill advised because it was barely 40 degrees and even though the sun was out there was enough of a wind that made it feel like it was in the 20’s. With the way I played, the whole week was ill advised. I had a total collapse of the short game, which led to rounds of 86, 82, and 87. Needless to say it’s back to the drawing board for the short game. My long game wasn’t too bad considering the condtitons but the short game was was was so bad, that well, let me tell you in a different way. Put any little blues melody you want while I’ll tell you

                                  I GOT THE SHORT GAME BLUES

                                 THE LONG GAME IS PRETTY TRUE

                                I WANT TO GET UP AND DOWN IN TWO

                                 BUT I GOT THE SHORT GAME BLUES 


                                         I TRY TO FIND THE CURE

                                        BUT I AM NEVER TO SURE

                                         I   HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE

                                       WHY I GOT THE SHORT GAME BLUES


                                             I GET CLUBS THAT ARE NEW

                                BUT NOTHING HELPS THE SHORT GAME BLUES

                                         AFTER THE ROUND I HAVE 6 BREWS

                                  BECAUSE I GOT THE SHORT GAME BLUES

The grand kids are coming in this week so that should cheer me up and the search for the answer will be renewed with more vigor than ever. Maybe a 3 and 5 year old have the answer. You can be damn sure I am going to ask them.  


6 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet

    Love your melody, but not what caused it. Your situation happens quite often to the northern players. The lost of touch in our short game is really not rooted in the technique, but more in the cold temperature. Your story is very similar to me and generally when the weather warms up so does my short game. Not sure it is the answer you are looking for, but I hope it helps.



  2. I’m convinced that the “Short Game” is coincidental with certain natural rhythms of the body. When you’re not in the cycle for “Feel”, your short game suffers. This, being periodic, accounts for the days that you “have it” and those that you don’t.
    A way that one can minimize the absence of feel is called practice, where you train your body to react to certain circumstances so the misses aren’t so bad.
    Since man became civilized, the senses aren’t needed for survival and therefore atrophied. What comes to mind to reveal what it used to be like are glimpses of native Indian cultures and their relationship with Nature. They were “On” 24-7. I don’t think they played much golf but I’ll bet that they could putt “lights out”.


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