The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

With the grandkids visiting, it was a slow week on the circuit for me personally but wow did the Masters make up for that. I had one 9 hole round and an 18 hole round on Wednesday at Village Green. I shot 79 with minimal short game improvement but working again, on something new, so will see what happens this week, as golf will get into full swing on Wednesday. My 3 year old grandson practices his golf swing constantly. I did ask them what the answer to golf was, but they had no idea what I was talking about, and just walked away.   There has been so much written and discussed about the Tiger controversy that I want to write about the subject on a more general level. These call ins about rules violations is nothing new. Paul Azinger and Craig Stadler were victums of these call ins. What I have a problem with, is the decision to assess penalties or disqualifications were made the next day. In every instance the rules committee had all the information they needed that evening on the same day. Instead of sitting down for however long it took and hashing it out, the ruling bodies went to dinner had a few drinks, maybe even got laid(that is if ruling bodies of golf are even interested in such things) and had a good nights sleep. In other words all rulings and decisions should be made on the day of play and the rules committee should deem those rulings final. Nobody should ever go to bed thinking they shot one score and wake up the next morning to find out that it is not true. I feel this happens because committees are just lazy and don’t want to finish job. Not in any other sport where rules are brokien or calls are missed are things changed the next day. Yes I know that games can be played under protest and every once it awhile something changes but it is very rare. I also know the rules of golf is like the holy grail but there comes a time where common sense has to take over. What if some one had a video camera and saw a rules violation that no network camera caught. Then this person decided not to make it public for 6 months and this was the player that won the tournament.  Would the rules of golf put in a statue of limitations or would the player be stripped of his title. What happens happens and when the clock stikes 12 the results are final. In the meantime the search continues.

2 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. First I am not a Tiger fan. I am a fan of good golf.
    Some things I think about the ruling yesterday.
    1) Not a single Professional Golfer intentionally cheats.
    2) I agree if the rules committee had agreed that no rules were violated before Tiger signed his card then that should be the end of discussion. If the video did not show anything then why should anything that came out of Tigers mouth change that. It is either a rule infraction or it is not.
    3) Allowing viewers to call in with rules infractions is not fair because it cannot be applied to every wayward shot on the course where a rule may have to be called into play. Most of these never show up on camera. If you allow this this should apply to everyone’s shot at all times.
    4) If you are going to let this happen then the viewers name who called in the rule infraction should be part of public record.
    5) I am not sure how many rules officials they have at the tournaments but for the majors they should have 3 on every hole. One on the tee, One near the landing area for the first shot and one near the green. Just like all sporting events infractions will be missed but a majority of them would be caught.

    Of course then I could be totally wrong.


  2. I agree that the rules call ins should not be part of the game. I think this whole affair is the fault of the rules committee. If they made the call the day before, it is over. No do overs! I also agree that no professional golfer intentionally cheats!



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